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Doctor Life Model 4MAX

The new 4MAX model replaces the LX7 model and is the ideal Doctor Life 4-chamber compression massager for home use. The model has everything the LX7 had plus two extra massage programs, a new even quieter compressor and a modern black color. Very suitable as support for demanding athletes during the workout, prevention and treatment of injuries and for relaxation. The device stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation by means of massage with air-filled cuffs. At higher pressure, waste products are removed from the muscles more quickly.

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For home use, Doctor Life has developed a line of compression massagers, the HOME4 series: LX9max and 4MAX, which are affordable and very easy to operate. The systems can be used independently or to support the sports or edema therapist. All systems come complete with two leg sleeves and connection hoses. An English manual is also included. Arm, waist and trouser sleeves are available as accessories.

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The professional 6-chamber compression massage systems are ideal for fitness centers, sports coaches and the therapeutic practice. The PRO6-MK400L model has extensive adjustment options and comes with two leg sleeves. The PRO6-MK300AWL model can be used to treat 2 clients at the same times or to apply two different programs at the same time. A Full Body sleeve can be used with either the PRO6-MK300FB or with the MK400. Various sleeves are optionally available.

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All cuffs, hoses, loose linings , etc. are optionally available for both professional and home systems.
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