Home therapy

For home therapy, we recommend to choose a model from  the HOME -4 series. In particular, the models and LX7 and  LX9bag are very suitable for medical use at home. The Doctor Life massage systems are characterized by the  simple operation and robust design . The home systems are light in weight and fit in your handluggage so you can maintain your therapy during your vacation .

Benefits of daily home therapy

Depending on the choice of the cuffs,  IPC – therapy gives:

  •  Increasing blood flow
  •  Removal of lymph fluid and formation of new exit roads in obstructions of lymphatic drainage
  •  Removal of fibrosis
  •  Improved metabolism / deep abdominal breathing
  •  Improved bowel movement
  •  Reduces mental and physical stress
  •  Endorphin is created ( natural painkillers )
  •  Reducing symptoms / pain
  •  Resistance improves
  •  Improve drainage waste
  •  Reduction of drug use
  •  Faster wound healing
  •  Improved oxygen supply to the brains and bodies


What can you do yourself?

Besides the use of the Doctor Life massage systems you can do a lot yourselve to be healthy, fit and mobile.

For example:

  •  Healthy diet with lots of fresh produce ( 2 pieces of fruit and 200 grams of  vegetables per day)
  •  Varied and diverse food
  •  Avoid as much as possible toxins that undermine the immune system , such as nicotine and alcohol
  •  Avoidance of stress
  •  Drink enough water
  •  Get enough sleep
  •  Move at least 30 minutes per day outdoors (if possible)