Home use

The simplest model , the HOME4 – LX7 , is sufficient for many elderly in order to support your mobility. The device is simple to operate and a clear manual is included. An every day  massage is not just a benefit for your body, but also keeps your your legs in good condition. The HOME4 – LX7 is an automatic massage system, which relaxes you and helps you to stay longer mobile and fit :

  •  Your immune system is maintained in good shape by regular massage , so bacterial and viral infections have less grip on your physical condition.
  •  In the Asian countries, clients of wellness centers use this equipment to support  the treatment. The treatment is therefore much more effective.
  •  Cold hands and feet often indicate a problem with blood flow. By at least one massage per day your blood circulation will improve and you suffer  less from cold limbs .
  •  The oxygen addition in the lungs and the oxygen supply to your organs  improves . Your body performs better. So keep your body in optimal condition .
  •  You can use the device  on vacation or a long weekend  because it fits easily into an overnight bag to take , due to its small size and light weight. (Incl. Sleeves less than 6 kg) .
  •  The toxins from your muscles are removed by your lymphatic system and easily disposed with a light massage. You can use, for example, a light pressure of 20 to 50 mmHg during  a massage time of only 10 minutes.
  •  For  stimulation of the blood circulation , use the intermediate pressure of 50 to 130 mmHg.
  •  You can knead and loosen the muscles  with a pressure of 130 mmHg up to 240 mmHg.

The device

  •  The device is intended for use by persons without medical complaints.
  •  The  chamber , which surrounds the foot , always has the highest pressure. The  discharge of toxins will always be forced upwards to the body.
  •  Safe handling by fully automatic , optimized operation.
  •  Easy pressure setting.
  •  Standard treatment times of 10 , 20 or 30 minutes.
  •  Possibility of simultaneous treatment with more than two cuffs.

The legs are essential for the proper functioning of your circulatory and lymphatic system , so we always recommend to massage the legs in addition to using an arm or abdomen / chest or short  pants cuff. The cuffs are suitable for all skin types.