The Doctor Life IPC massage devices can be perfectly used for:

  •  Warming up or cooling down after a sports activity or training
  •  Prevention of injuries
  •  Treatment of injuries
  •  Strengthening the immune system
  •  Improve oxygen uptake by blood and organs
  •  Reducing stress

In case of application during warming- up and cooling -down  muscle tension will decrease and  muscle recovery will be accelerated by better drainage of waste products from the muscles. The acidification of muscles after exercise thus decreases. Several top performances on the same day such as swimming, skating or athletics is thereby facilitated better.  IPC helps to improve blood flow to the muscles and therefore to prevent injuries. If injuries do occur  application of  IPC could lead to a significantly faster recovery. Many athletes use altitude training to improve oxygen transport , to stimulate the production of red blood cells or they resort to medication. But did you know that IPC will help you as an athlete to improve your oxygen delivery in the lungs naturally? And when you relax  on rest days use of IPC can continue to still improve your oxygen supply ? Recent research has shown that the blood velocity in the calves during IPC with leg cuffs increases with 45%.  A regular IPC massage strengthens your immune system. The chance of illness during the period that you have to perform is smaller!


Do not use the Doctor Life IPC massagers when:

  •  Irregular heartbeat
  •  High heart rate
  •  Abnormal high blood pressure
  •  Swelling of (part of ) limb
  •  Emergent not predicted pain

There are handy Doctor Life massage devices for mobile and home-use. For the professional sports practice there are professional systems with extensive settings options.