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€ 665,00

The new model 4MAX is the ideal Doctor Life 4-chamber compression massager for home use. The model replaces the LX7 system. Very suitable as support for demanding athletes during the workout, prevention and treatment of injuries and for relaxation. The device stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation by means of massage by air-filled cuffs. At higher pressure, waste products are removed from the muscles more quickly. Four massage programs are possible. The device has a CE mark. Operation is very simple. Time and pressure are adjustable while each air chamber can be switched on or off individually. Included accessories are: 2 easy connect leg cuffs (XL) and 1 double hose set.


4 chamber compression system with four massage programs

Connection voltage: 12V DC/2.5A (Adapter for 100-240V AC is included)

Power: 30 Watts

Pressure setting 1-10 steps

Time setting 10, 20 or 30 min

System dimensions 260 x 180 x 130 mm

System weight 2 kg

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