PRO6 Model MK300AWL

€ 2650,00

The PRO6 Model MK300AWL is a professional double channel 6-chamber compression device with 3 different programs and  extensive setting options. Comes with an arm cuff, a waist cuff, two leg cuffs size XL  and four single hoses. The ideal system for sporting coaches, therapists, fitness  and wellness centers. 


  • 2 channel compression system where two cuffs or a full body cuff can be connected to each channel.
  • Both channels can be adjusted independently from each other.
  • Connection voltage: 220-240V AC; 50 / 60Hz
  • For lower voltages an AC adapter is supplied.
  • Power: 70 Watt
  • Graphic LCD screen
  • 3 compression programs: A-C mode
  • Pressure setting: 10-200 mmHg
  • Time setting: 0-90 min
  • System size: 414x310x160 mm
  • System weight: 6.5 kg

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